Color Ingredients and Comparisson Chart

Color Ingredients

Hair Color:

Water, dihydroxyethyl soyamine dioleate, aqua ammonia, denatured alcohol, oleic acid, linseed oil, castor oil, lecithin, lanolin, silk, ascorbyl palmitate vitamin C, rosemary oil, vitamin E, love, grapefruit seed extract, organic flower essences. May contain one or more of the following: ethanol,2,2,4,aminophenol sulfate; aminophenol, methyl-resorcinol; napthol, 3-methyl-1-phenyl-5-pyrazolone; toluenediamine sulfate; ppd; 2 hydroxyethyl amino2-ethylphenol.

May contain one or more of the following:

ethanol,2,2,4,aminophenol sulfate, ppd, aminophenol, methyl-resorcinol, napthol, 3-methyl-1-phenyl-5-pyrazolone, toluenediamine sulfate, 2 hydroxyethyl amino2-ethylphenol.


Water, buffered food grade hydrogen peroxide, jojoba oil, oleic acid, acrylic copolymer, castor oil, linseed oil, lemon grass essential oil.

Some people are concerned with the presence of ppd. We must tell you we have been using this product on people allergic to conventional colors with ppd. who have had no reactions to EcoColors hair color.

EcoColors believes this is because they use trace amounts of it and the nutritive base with soy prevents the allergen from being absorbed. Pregnant women and sensitive stylists exposed to EcoColors hair color have no problems with the color. Many healthy babies have been born whose mothers have used EcoColors hair color regularly.

Stylists who thought they would have to leave the hair coloring profession because of chemical sensitivities have been able to continue their art of hair coloring by using EcoColors Hair Color. The best proof of the quality of EcoColors hair color is in the satisfaction of our clients.

Comparison Chart

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